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How can water damaged carpet affect your health

Water damage can be devastating, both for your property as well as for your health. Even after a thorough cleaning, your house will take some time to recover from the loss it has suffered. However, there are a few things that you will not be able to restore and even if you will, they may be a potential hazard for you. Your carpet is one such example. If not restored properly, carpet water damage can cost you dearly. It may get molds on it, thereby becoming a health hazard for the entire family. This is the reason why we strongly urge people to get their wet carpet restored by a professional carpet cleaning agency like us. We will not only dry it out but also disinfect it properly so that molding doesn’t become an issue for you.

If you have a water damaged carpet that is not yet disinfected, call us immediately to get it treated. This may sound an additional expenditure to you, especially if you have suffered a major loss due to flood or seeping of water. However, if you bother about your family’s health, you should not hesitate to do this. Here are some common diseases that a water damaged carpet may cause.

Allergies are one of the most common problems caused by water damage carpet 

A wet carpet, if not dried properly, will become a breeding ground for molds. Prolonged exposure to molds and mildew causes allergy. This is because molds disperse their spores in the air and when inhaled they can cause mild to severe allergic reaction. Due to this reaction, the nasal passage and the mucus membrane of your nose will swell, thereby making you feel difficult to breathe. You will sneeze frequently and might feel congestion in your nose, throat, and lungs. You may experience watery eyes.

You may suffer from respiratory problems

Asthma, tuberculosis, and cystic fybrosis are some of the common respiratory problems that can be caused due to a molded carpet. You may experience shortness of breath, chest congestion, severe asthma attack, etc. that might risk your life. It is scientifically found that spores of molds can permanently deteriorate your lungs and airways.

You may suffer from skin allergies

Your skin will directly come in contact with the spores of the molds. This will cause skin irritation, leaving you with an itchy, red skin. If not treated on time, it will suffer from bumps, swellings, and severe bacterial and fungal infections. Even medicines and ointments will not work if you keep getting exposed to molds and this is the reason why you must get your water damage carpet professionally restored.

You may face concentration problems

Most people don’t realize but carpet water damage can cause concentration problems as well. The filthy smell that your wet carpet releases will make it difficult to concentrate. Further, it is found that living in unhygienic conditions will cause neurological problems including concentration problems. Such problems often go unnoticed. When you realize it, you would have reached an extreme condition. Some other problems that molds and mildew cause are migraine, dementia, fatigue, and frequent mood changes.

We hope we have appropriately briefed you about the health hazards of living with a molded carpet and why you must seek professional cleaning services for your water damaged carpet. For more such useful information, keep reading our blog. For details on our water damage restoration services, call us at 0405 554 247.


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