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Leather cleaning Sydney experts discloses some mistakes that leather upholstery owners make

Leather upholstery is one of the most premium products that you can invest for your home. They are too expensive but the charm and elegance they add to your property is matchless. No wonder why we at Spot On Carpet Cleaning, one of the leading leather cleaning Sydney experts, strongly recommend you to regularly clean and maintain them. Apart from getting them professionally cleaned, here are some mistakes that you must avoid in order to retain their charm and elegance forever.

Avoid using cheaper cleaning services

Who wouldn’t like to save more but cheap services can cost you dearly in long run. The so-called leather cleaning Sydney professionals offering low cost services should better be avoided. Cheaper rates may indicate a compromised quality. They may use low quality cleaning solutions that will damage your expensive leather sofa soon. The damage may not be visible immediately but soon you will start noticing discoloration, scratches, etc. You should always use reputed leather cleaning Sydney agencies like us. We are an IICRC certified company that strictly adheres to highest quality standards.

Do not ignore cleaning your sofa regularly

Most people feel that they should get their leather upholstery cleaned only when it starts looking dirty and dull. This is however, not advisable. Irrespective of the condition of your sofa, you must get it professionally cleaned at regular intervals or else dust and dirt may get accumulated in it. The skin oil is more prone to attract dirt and if not removed, will make your upholstery a breeding ground for mould, fungi, and disease causing bacteria. You sofa will start smelling foul and become unhygienic for your people and pets.

Place your leather upholstery away from heat and sunlight

Love sitting on your sofa to enjoy direct sunlight on your face during the morning hours? Who wouldn’t? But this could leave you with a colour faded sofa. Heat and sunlight can affect the visual appearance of your expensive investment. Never place it at a place where it will receive direct sunlight or strong artificial light or near the heating vents and radiators.

Never leave printed materials on leather sofas

We all love to read newspapers and magazines sitting on our sofa but never keep them on it. The colour from these materials can bleed into the sofa and can discolour it. Such ink marks are not easy to clean and even expert leather cleaning Sydney agencies like us find it difficult to remove them safely.

Never use cheap cleaning solutions

This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make. Ask any leather cleaning Sydney agency and they will tell you how people damage their very expensive sofa only by using a cheap cleaning solution that they found at the supermarket. Soaps, detergent, abrasive solutions, oils, sprays, polishes, etc. are all harmful for your upholstery. Never ever use them. Instead refer to the sofa’s manufacturer instructions for cleaning it. You can simply wipe it with a clean, dry cloth daily and hire professional leather cleaning Sydney agency like us to clean it regularly. This is a much safer option than damaging your sofa.

We hope our blog educate you on how to keep your leather upholstery in a good condition for years. For more such helpful tips, keep reading our blog. To know more about our leather cleaning services, call us at 0405 554 247.


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