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Rug Cleaning Penrith

image008Rugs are a nice addition to the decor of your home. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, they are also very useful for protecting children and pets. However, they get dirty very often. Rug cleaning is a daunting task. More than efforts, it requires a lot of time and patience. You cannot toss them in the washing machine and if you do, they will get destroyed. However, you have to clean them more often in order to keep them hygienic. So why take the risk of cleaning them at home? Call us right away and we will be there to make your rug look as clean as a new pin.

We at Spot-On Carpet Cleaning, one of the most experienced rug cleaning Penrith company offer cost effective services for people who love their upholstery and want to keep them in a healthy condition for a long time. Our professional rug cleaning Penrith services are available on emergency basis as well. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who are trained to handle a wide variety of rugs, be it every day rugs made of wool or the expensive varieties such as the oriental rugs.

Our specialized rug cleaning Penrith services are sure to extend the life of your upholstery; however, we do suggest our clients to clean them on a regular basis so that they don’t have to call us frequently. Here are some popular rug varieties and how you can maintain them.

image009Woven and braided rugs

These rugs are very delicate and should be cleaned carefully. Do not use a lot of force for washing them or else the stiches may get break. Before you start, read instructions mentioned on the labels and make sure you adhere to them. The small braided rugs are easy to clean. You may toss them in a washing machine but be very careful. Place them in a zippered pillowcase and wash them on a gentle cycle using cold water. Rinse thoroughly. Do not tumble dry as the stiches may break. Hang them and let them dry in the sun.

Place the large rugs on the floor, gently rub commercial rug cleaning foam on them, and rinse with water. Vacuum and then let it dry in the sun before replacing it. Make sure the rugs dry completely before replacing them or else they may develop molds and mildew.

Fur and sheepskin rugs

These are not only expensive but also delicate. Opting for our rug cleaning Penrith services is better than DIYing. However, if your rug is not too dirty, you may clean them by yourself. Spray unscented talcum powder on the fur or sheepskin rug and leave it overnight. Brush the powder thoroughly on the entire carpet and shake out the rest. Repeat it for 2-3 times. To clean the back, rub soap and water solution on it using a cotton cloth. Dip a clean cotton cloth in clean water and rinse the back. Let it dry.

Rugs made of natural fibre such as coir, sisal, grass, etc.

image011Cleaning coir rugs is very challenging. Natural fibres are very delicate and should be occasionally cleaned with water. The fibres are woven to form rugs and therefore, will have small pores to allow dust and dirt to sift through them. The best way to clean them is vacuuming. If they get stained, rub the stained area with a soft brush dipped in soap water solution and repeat the same process with clean water for rinsing. Water weakens the fibres, therefore, use as minimum water as possible. Switch on the fans or hang the rugs in the sun. They should be dried as soon as possible so that the fibres don’t get damaged.

Rugs are expensive investment and instead of DIYing, it is better to choose our professional rug cleaning Penrith services. Call us at 0405 554 247 and we will be right there at your doorsteps.


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